Our Race is our Nation!

The TRUTH about the JEWISH criminal conspiracy with the communist internationalists to destroy the white Christian gene-pool in the United States.

In this website are 1,000 pages of FACT condensing libraries of my essays about the Talmud, democracy, Marx, genetics, money, National Socialism, the Holy Bible, treason, mass-media, materialism, race, the Holocaust, freemasonry, history, and a wealth of suppressed subjects, as well as articles from history’s great personages. Learn who is responsible for the millions of white deaths and the replacement of the white Christian American with the muck of black, yellow, and brown. Learn why our forebears died in vain. Learn how the browning of America has altered everything from politics to education and industry, values and culture. This skilfully crafted, informed, and hidden website exposes JEWRY and explains what we, the white race, must do to defend ourselves. They don’t want you to find this!